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Some of the ingredients you should know about:
Afican Wild Mango 
 Burn fat & Appetite suppressant 
White Kidney Bean 
• Starch blocker - prevents alpha-amylase from breaking dowm carbohydrates 
   into glucose (sugar). Hence, lessen glucose to convert into fat in body. 
• Keep blood sugar in check, protect against diabetes. 
Hoodia Gordonia 
• Suppress appetite - aids in reduce calories intake by reduces the impulse of 
• Reduction of gastric acid 
Garcinia Cambogia 
• Suppress appetite - lessen calorie intake. Increase serotonin and fat 
   oxidation; increase production of glycogen which leads to filling of fullness. 
• Help liver convert sugar into energy rather than fat. 
• Hydrotoxic citric acid (HCA) interferes the formation of FA, cholesterol and 
   triglycerides. It helps lower blood levels of leptin (triggers hunger). 
Guarana Extract 
• Speed up metabolism - helps in fat burning process which aids to boost the 
   metabolism rate. If the metabolism boost up, our body can burn larger amount of fat easily. 
• Help improve cognitive performance, while reducing mental fatigue; improve 
   mood and alertness. 
• Effective energy booster. Application in sports drink. 
Fish Collagen 
• Fish collagen, also known as ‘marine collagen’, is extracted from cold sea 
• Revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin 
• Increases the skin’s firmness and elasticity 
• Prevents the formation of deep wrinkles 
• Helps your skin retain moisture